PRODUCTS製品情報 一般工作用平形水準器 OS-201

一般工作用平形水準器 OS-201



●精度表(社内規格)JIS B級1種に準ずる


●This level is used for engineering work and it issuitable forassembling machines.
●The main body is made of fine cast iron (FC250) and the flat surface and V face on the bottom are precision made.
●The main body has two M5 tapped holes on its back, which allow you to attach it to an adjustable base for measuring pitch.
●Precision table (company standard)Equivalent to JIS Class 1 Grede B.
■Sensitivity is the inclination angle that is needed for the bubble in the bubble tube to move one graduation.This inclination shows the height, or arcseconds of angle, for a bottom 1m long.
Remarks: 1 arcsecond of angle≒0.005mm per meter