PRODUCTS製品情報 水準器用測定ピッチ自在ベース OS-202

水準器用測定ピッチ自在ベース OS-202


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■定盤の平面度測定は、定盤の使用面呼び寸法により測定間隔(ピッチ)がJIS規格(JIS B7513)で定められております。水準器測定ピッチ自在ベースを水準器と併用することで、JIS規格に準拠した測定間隔を設定して正しい平面度計測が可能になります。


●The main body is made of fine cast iron (FC250) and the top face and the bottom face are precisely made, taking their flatness and parallelism into account.
●Straightness and flatness can be measured by freely adjusting the measuring pitch.
●The long side has a graduated scale marked on it with a zero at the center. The measuring pitch can be set accurately in mm.
■The measuring interval (pitch) of the flatness of surface plates is determined by a JIS standard (JIS B7513).depending on the nominal size of the face where the surface plates are used. If an adjustable base for measuring pitch is combined with a level, it is possible to create a measuring interval that meets the JIS standard and measure flatness correctly.
■The sensitivity of a level is expressed as either 0.02mm (4seconds) of 0.05mm (10seconds). These values show the heights of right-angle triangles that have a base 1000 mm long, and are independent of the nominal size of a level.